The Woodlands Story

Established in November 2019, Woodlands set out to bring a new style and brand to SE Alaska. Owners Spring & Jeremy Barry wanted to share their love for SE Alaska and their love of art and design with Alaska, and to people who visit from all parts of the world.

With a goal in mind to bring a clothing brand to Ketchikan Alaska that they felt represented the place they call home. Signing a lease in Feb 2020 for a brick and morter store, they had high hopes of bringing their designs to their community and the people who visit. Unfortunatly that didn't happen right away. But through Alaskan Grit and determination they continued to push Woodlands to anyone they could why continuing to run their other bussiness. Spring and Jeremy have continued to strive to bring the best designs and quality of products that feels unique to the area. Since opening Woodlands we have met many people and felt the love and support from the community and the people who visit and love being able to give them a unique shopping experience.