Alaska Seasoning Company - Aurora Borealis

$24.95 USD


Fine and coarse ground sea salt stippled with a rainbow of colors and a slight fresh aroma of the ocean breeze.

Our theory was, “why use just one?” when offering a simply just-sea-salt product, we still wanted to make it a blend for flavor and health. We created this medley with the top five most desired sea salts on earth. Those with the richest trace minerals and brilliant flavors.

Our sea salts are 100% pure, sun-dried, and are optically cleaned.

The name, aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, is the namesake for our vibrant salts that take on all the colors we see in the alaskan night sky.

Use on everything. This product contains only premium sea salt, so use it as you would for salt in any recipe or for smoking, curing, baking, canning, or leaving it on your table.

* gluten free

* no sugar

* no dairy, nuts, soy, or corn

* does not contain animal biproducts