Alaska Seasoning Company - Bristol Bay

$14.95 USD

Fine grind, light in color with flecks of dill and a subtle peppery aroma.

This clean, rich flavor will add depth to your cooking without overpowering the natural essence of the fish or seafood. This product is blended with high-quality sea salts adding additional trace minerals to your dish. Perfect for any occasion and an easy way to bring seafood to the center stage.

The name is inspired by the gifts of the sea; the unmatched quality of seafood and the pristine waters of our northern Bristol Bay.

Use on all of your fish and seafood creations. Try it in fish and chips batter or breading. In soups and chowder, replace as a salt and pepper option for seafood-inspired recipes. There is no seafood products in this blend so you can try it on anything. Chef tip, this makes the best potato salad around.

* Gluten Free

* No Sugar

* No Dairy, Nuts, Soy, or Corn 

*No Shellfish or Seafood * Does not contain animal biproducts