Alaska Seasoning Company - Kodiak Cajun

$14.95 USD

Kodiak Cajun Seasoning

Light and fine, rich canyon colors and the aroma of vibrant peppers and classic southern spice. Bold flavors.

This award-winning Cajun blend is in honor of true Louisiana-style blackening spice. With just a touch of fine sea salt, we’ve kept this recipe low in sodium so it can be added to any dish for complexity and heat.

Use a little to keep things mild, use a lot and it’s going to be hot!

The name Kodiak Cajun comes from the mammoth grizzly bears that inhabit Kodiak Island in Alaska. We know they are world-famous for their unmatched size and we felt this seasoning worthy of a name equal in awe-inspiring fame and jaw-dropping uniqueness.

Use on everything when you want to add depth of flavor and heat. Blacken steak or seafood, add to chili, chowders, or spice up ethnic recipes in place of plain cayenne. Shake on any dish to add heat or even try it in bloody mary mix!

* Gluten Free

* No Sugar

* Low Sodium