Alaska Seasoning Company - Midnight Sun

$14.95 USD

Fine grind, bold red hue, and mouthwatering aromas of classic barbecue.

Perfect for grilling, baking, smoking, or dry rub. With natural smoked sea salt in the mix, this complex array of herbs and spices elevate the barbecue experience without dripping sticky sauce, or you can add your sauce after! A healthy choice to bring authentic barbecue to your kitchen in an easy, delicious, and mess-free way.

The name Midnight Sun is inspired by our long Alaskan summer nights where many of us find ourselves around a campfire or grill with the beautiful sun that never sets. An ode to our homeland and delicious barbeque that brings us together.

Use on all your barbecue needs. Ribs, steak, chicken, batters, sauces, and dips. You can use this as a “primer” for your barbecue to add that smokey depth regardless of whe your sauce is on top or not. Don’t have a grill? You don’t need one. You can use this seasoning to create a great depth simply by pan-frying, baking, or sautéing too. Have fun!