Alaska Seasoning Company - Smokehouse

$14.95 USD

Coarse and fine grind. Shake it, rub it, smoke or grill with it. Fractured pieces of premium Mesquite smoked sea salt and minced herbs mixed with the perfect proportions of granulated spices. This offers a sweet and mildly smokey aroma with a subtle undertone of pepper and paprika. An herbaceous and crunchy texture.

This Smokehouse blend is a grill master's dream. Elevate any entrée protein with the bold savory flavors of mesquite. Perfectly balanced, this is a healthy and delicious all-purpose blend.

Use on steaks, burgers, barbecue, chicken entrees, pork chops, wild game, smoke or cure with it, jerky, chili, and more!

* Gluten Free

* No Sugar

* No Dairy, Nuts, Soy, or Corn

* Does not contain animal biproducts